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Simplicitree Update – January 2022

Feature Release
We’ve added performance optimizations and new features to Simplicitree in this latest release.  Review each new feature below and feel free to reach out if you have questions or need support.

What’s new in Plans?

Life Events
Plans > Contact Information > Life Events

Life events are very similar to Lifestyle Income.  Life Events give you another option for defining specific retirement costs for your clients.  This cost may be a one-time event or ongoing over several years.  You have the flexibility to define life events in a way that works best for your clients.

Some examples of life events could be: wedding, vacation home purchase, new vehicle purchases, or more…

Life events are calculated the same way as Lifestyle Income and contribute to your Client’s overall retirement need.

Future Value Calculations
Plans > Contact Information > Lifestyle Income & Life Events

You can now calculate the future value of an item based on an age range and defined inflation rate.  This is helpful if you want to calculate the future value / cost of an item without having to do the math on your calculator.

If the item already has an Owner, Start Age, End Age, and Amount defined, those values will be used as the starting point of your future value calculation.  Otherwise you can customize the settings based on your preference.

Once a future value is calculated and applied to an item, you are no longer able to edit the Owner, Start Age, or Amount since these values are now calculated.

As your client ages, the calculation will not change.

You can disable the future value calculation by clicking on the icon and clicking “Clear Future Value”

Disable or Clear Investment Income on the Investment Planning Tab
Plans > Investment Planning

You can now disable or clear the investment income you’ve defined for an individual investment.  This is helpful if you need to illustrate the difference between having and not having an investment generate income.

As you disable the investment income, the Retirement Preview will update to show the difference in Retirement Rate, Shortfall, and total Investment Income.

Sticky Table Headings
Plans > Base Plan & Income Plan

Plan tables now feature “sticky” table headings so as you scroll down the page, the column headings will remain visible so you can easily reference each table cell.

Disable the Plan Rate of Return
Plans > Base Plan & Income Plan

You can now completely disable the calculated rate of return on the Base Plan and Income Plan.  This is helpful if you want to view the retirement calculations with no rate of return applied to your Client’s Investments.  Simply check or uncheck the box to view your Plan with the adjusted rate.

Coming Soon: Custom defined Rates of Return for Plans. (Stay Tuned)

What’s new in Contacts?

Disable Client Access to Specific Plans
Contacts > Plans

You can now disable access to a specific plan.  If disabled, your client will not see this plan in their Client Portal.  This is helpful if you’re building a plan that you don’t want the client to access yet.

Access can be disabled from the Client Edit view or from within the Plan on the sidebar options.

Primary Plan in Client Portal
Contacts > Plans

Your Client’s primary plan will now show first in their Client Portal.  You can set any plan as their primary plan.

Reminder: The primary plan is also used to calculate your AUM.

Miscellaneous Changes and Improvements

Speed and Performance Improvements
Contacts & Plans

Updates have been made to improve the overall speed and performance of Simplicitree.  Items should load more quickly allowing you to do your planning more effectively.  This improvement includes Plan and Contact Tables, Pop-Up windows (Inbox, Team Settings, etc) and more.

Login Reminder

Simplicitree will now detect if your login has expired and display a pop-up login window.  This is helpful to ensure you don’t lose any work completed due to being logged out.  Simply log back in from the pop-up window, and you’re all set.

“Advisor Portal” renamed to “Client Portal”

In an effort to be more clean, we’ve renamed the Advisor Portal to Client Portal.

Bug Fixes

  • Client and Spouse birthdate field now forces the proper date formatting to ensure calculations are correct (e.g. 01/01/1965 Vs 1/1/65)
  • Custom income strategies on Plans will no longer show an underscore “_” in the name.
  • Additional income investments will no longer allow “Joint” as the owner when a spouse is not enabled.
  • The default Investment Liquidation sorting was not updating based on the default setting once a plan had been saved.
  • Time zone issue corrections for a User’s custom time zone selection
  • Adding a new Plan item with only one disabled item currently available would result in the new item also being disabled.
  • Tables now size / scale properly based on the current browser or screen size.


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2 years ago | January 7, 2022