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Stop Pitching. Start Planning.

Let’s face it… NOBODY wants to hear a pitch that talks about who YOU are and what YOU do, blah, blah, blah…  Not potential clients and especially not your existing clients.

On the other hand, what EVERYBODY cares about is how THEY are going to reach THEIR financial goals.

How about instead of pitching the features and benefits of your products and services, deliver an interactive planning experience that tells a story about how your clients reach their destiny.


Simplify Your Planning. Satisfy Your Clients.
Grow Your Business.

Close more opportunities

Deliver an interactive experience and clear plans to improve every client meeting and close more business.

Increase client referrals

Don’t miss out on referrals because clients can’t see your value. Customers love this easy-to-use, hands-on platform and are more likely to refer your firm when they have this tool at their disposal.

Save time

Spend less time preparing for meetings and more time with the clients you’re meant to serve.

Build trust

Show clients the outcome of your investment recommendations, prove your advice is working and build trust faster.

Simplicitree is extremely easy to use for financial planning. It’s intuitive, it’s easy to use and it’s visually appealing—it has all the elements that are vital for success in client presentations.

Top Planning

Not only has Simplicitree made it easy for me to plan with my clients, but my clients have loved interacting with the platform during meetings. The interface makes it very easy to communicate my investment strategies.

Romagnoli Financial

I can’t recommend Simplicitree enough! This is the perfect tool for any financial advisor looking to speed up meeting prep and win clients with less effort. It feels like Simplicitree does the work for you.

Retirement Lifestyles

Simplicitree does a great job of taking complicated financial strategies and making them understandable for my clients. The graphs and charts clearly show where a client is at and where they need to go, and it’s all backed by hard data and numbers.

GuideSpring Wealth

Simplicitree User - Elliot Financial Group

Simplicitree User - Durso Capital Management

Simplicitree User - Kevin Wray Financial Services

Simplicitree User - GuideSpring Wealth Strategies

Simplicitree User - Best Gate Wealth Advisors LLC

Simplicitree User - Retirement Lifestyles Advisors

Simplicitree User - Insight Folios

Financial Planning Process

How Simplicitree Works


1 Create a Plan with Your Client

Turn a prospect into a client within an hour with interactive real-time planning. Simplicitree allows you to plan together with your prospect eliminating the need of a sales presentation.

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2 Show Your Value

In a few clicks you can create plans that definitively show how your advice will benefit the client. You’ll win clients faster, increase your close rate and gain more assets.

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3 Close more business

When a prospect interacts with their Simplicitree plan, they take ownership and when they take ownership, you make clients. It’s time you stop presenting and start planning!

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This is the easiest way to distill complicated financial strategies into straightforward and compelling visuals. Simplicitree does the selling for me.

Elliott Financial Group

As soon as my clients started interacting with Simplicitree, they were hooked. The platform made it very easy to win over clients.

Wray Financial

Of all the tools I have used in my career, nothing has made my job easier that Simplicitree. The impact that Simplicitree has had on my business is amazing.

Bestgate Wealth

Simplicitree has not only made planning more enjoyable, but it has helped me close business that I have never been able to close before. I couldn’t do my job without it

Insight Folios
The official retirement plan of clarity

A financial planning system that helps you close business

The problems is that most financial planning tools available are really complicated and time killers. Take your time back with the Simplicitree Financial planning system. It’s ease of use functionality and beautiful visuals, you will be up and running in no time, doing what you do best — making money!

Simplify Your Planning. Satisfy Your Clients. Grow Your Business.

When you replace your traditional sales pitch with an interactive planning experience, your clients will be more satisfied and your business will grow faster.

Still not convinced? Request a demo of Simplicitree today!

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